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This map of the southern half of British Columbia covers the area between Vancouver and Calgary, but more importantly, includes everything from the westernmost edge of Vancouver Island to a line just east of Calgary and from Seattle north to a ways beyond Prince George. Thus the entire Rocky Mountain stretch of national parks from Banff north to Jasper is included. BC is mountain country, with few motorways, but those that exist are shown in blue. The Trans-Canada Hwy 1 between Kamloops and Banff is in the process of being upgraded to motorway levels, but this is a project taking many years to complete, so it is showing only the portions in Alberta as being consistently complete. The map also includes inset maps of downtown Vancouver and Victoria. BC is as large as Western Europe, with a population of just over 4 million, so is wilderness country for 98% of its area. This map would be excellent for someone planning to fly in to Calgary and rent a motorhome for two weeks, or for someone wanting to explore the back roads and camping sites of an interesting part of the world. This edition has been printed on waterproof paper made from crushed stones. It is tear-resistant, durable, and completely biodegradable.

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