Cambodia & Mekong Delta Itmb


This map of Cambodia by ITMB is on one side - its neighbouring Vietnam's Mekong Delta region is on the reverse.

There are two treasures in Cambodia: the Angkor Wat complex of temples near Siem Riep, and the Capital of Phnom Penh.  Siem Riep is a thriving touristic city and UNESCO manages the Angkor complex. The capital still retains the sleepy colonial atmosphere of the French era.  River boats ply the Mekong River and transports visitors to Vietnam where the river divides into nine mouths to flow into the ocean. 

The second side of the map is the area known as the Mekong Delta.  The delta is an extremly rich agricultural land with numerous canals carrying water to countless rice paddies. The map also provides a link between Phnom Penh and Saigon/HCM City, which has now grown to nine million people.

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