Cape Verde ITMB



This ITMB map of Cape Verde is easy-to-use, detailing the locations of each island in the archipelago.  Inset maps depict these islands of Sao Nicolau, Sao Vicente, Fogo, Santiago & Santiago's city of Praia, Brava and Sao Antao.  This map distinguishes four different kinds of roads, including rough trails as well as topography.  It highlights streams and intermittent streams, areas with lava, salt pans and reefs.  Major cities, towns and villages are pinpointed as well as airports, ports, ferries. gas stations, hospitals, historic sites, campsites, hot springs, beaches, museums and other points of interest.  It is printed on one side and has an index of populated areas.
Depicted in the scale of 1:500,000. 

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