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This map of China @ 1:4,000,000 by Reise is on light, waterproof and tear-resistant plastic paper, with both topographic and tourist information depicted. It is double-sided to provide the best balance between a good scale and a convenient size sheet.

Topography is indicated by altitude colouring with spot heights and names of mountain ranges, hills and deserts.  Salt lakes, swamps, seasonal rivers and glaciers are also shown.  Detailed presentation of the road network includes minor roads and tracks.  The map also shows the rail network and local airports.  Administrative units are shown with their boundaries and names.  National parks and other protected areas are highlighted.  A wide range of symbols mark various places of interest including the Great Wall of China, UNESCO world heritage sites, temples, beaches, etc.   Map legend includes English.

All place names are shown on the map in both transliterated and Chinese script.  The index of localities lists only the transliterated names.  Coverage includes the whole of Mongolia, North and South Korea, Bhutan and Nepal.

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