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What lies beneath our feet - this 1:5 million scale map is a useful overview of Australia's geology displaying the major geological regions. The map shows mainly bedrock geology classified by mode of origin (eg. igneous) composition (eg. basic to ultrabasic) and age (eg. Tertiary). Large fault systems are also identified.

It also shows the distribution and age of major stratigraphic, intrusive and medium to high grade metamorphic units of onshore Australia. Units on the map represent stratigraphic supergroups, regional intrusive associations and regional metamorphic complexes.

Suitable for primary Years 5-6 and Secondary 7-12.

Australia Currency: 1997-99 Coordinates: Geographical Datum:AGD66 (GDA94 compliant at this scale) Projection: Simple Conic on two standard parallels 18S and 36S

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