Lerderderg & Werribee Gorges Meridian


This map of Lerderderg & Werribee Gorges by Meridian @ 1:30,000 scale is a topographic map of the Lerderderg State Park and 1:20,000, Werribee Gorge State Park with a 1:15,000 enlargement of the Blackwood to O’Briens Crossing area, a 1:55,000 map of the Pyrete Range and a map of Long Forest Reserve at 1:40,000 including 6 new walks.  It includes 17 new and updated walk notes as well as notes on the parks history, wildlife and activities available in the parks.  Features the Emergency Marker Co-ordinates for the Lerderderg and Werribee Gorge State Parks and all tourist attractions in and around the parks.  Ideal for bushwalkers, day-trippers and 4 wheel-drivers. 

Edition 7

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