Munich Borch


This map of Munich by Borch @ 1:11,000 & 1:22,000 is folded , laminated - water repellent & wipeable surface and is double sided.  Legend includes sights, museums, theatres, monuments, churches, synagogues, monasteries, castles, mosques, international airport, police, hospitals, golf courses, parking, park+rides, subways, commuter trains, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, motels and restaurant, snack bars & truck stops. It also includes inset maps of Allianz-Arena (1:22,000), Munich Expo (1:22,000), Munich Downtown (1:11,000), Munich Region (1:130,000), Voralpen-Land 1(850,000), Munich Public Transport System, Top 30 sights list & an extensive index.. Climate charts show the average daily temperatures, humidity, hours of sunshine and precipitation for each month. 

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