Ranger SL Silva Compass


Silva Ranger SL is a very small sighting compass, especially appreciated by backpackers and climbers. It has all the necessary features you need for your adventure.

The Ranger SL features a built-in sun dial that helps you see what time it is judging by the position of the sun. It has luminous markings that enables night navigation. The compass can be attached to your jacket with a safety pin, thereby allowing hands-free navigation. Ranger SL also features a rotatable compass housing which enables easy navigation using the Silva 1-2-3 technique.

This compass features a mirror that allows you to view the compass dial and the background at the same time. The fact that the compass dial can be seen at the same time the reference point is aligned makes mirror compasses more desirable for taking accurate bearings. A mirror-sighting compass is at its best in open terrain where you must determine direction over long distances.

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