Savannah Way Cairns to Broome Hema


For travelling the Savannah Way between Cairns and Broome this detailed road map covers the entire length of the Savannah Way and includes handy advice on road conditions, average rainfall and safe driving tips.  It highlights the features you pass in Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia.  There is also a handy distance chart and includes insets for Judbarra/Gregory, Purnululu, Kakadu and Boodjamulla national parks, 24hr fuel, outback fuel and LPG, caravan parks, camping areas, accredited information centres & roadside rest areas.

A touring map for the trip along the Savannah Way between Cairns and Broome at a scale of 1:2,200,000. The maps show 24-hour fuel, outback fuel and LPG as well as caravan parks, camping areas and rest areas. Popular national parks along the route are featured with detailed inset maps of Judbarra/Gregory, Purnululu, Kakadu and Boodjamulla. Also included are contact details for accredited information centres and useful lists of the facilities in national parks.

Key Features - National Park maps and info, Distance charts, Information centres, Fuel stops, Caravan Parks, camping and rest areas

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