South Coast Track Tasmania - John Chapman


Contains comprehensive track notes for walking the South Coast Track in Tasmania. The guide has 9 -1:50,000 colour topographic maps of the entire track, 50 colour photographs plus gradient profiles of the track. This is an all colour production with full track notes for both directions along the trail. The colour topographic maps and notes have been colour coded for each direction to reduce confusion about which notes are currently being followed. This is one of the world's great wilderness walks and takes 6 to 8 days to walk. Most plan for 7 days and it is suggested to carry one spare days food in case of river floods causing delays.

For those wishing to explore further than the South Coast Track, then the larger guide book South West Tasmania which also includes the South Coast Track should be considered. This book is actually a subset of that larger guide and we would expect walkers to use one or the other but not both. Note that the maps in South West Tasmania for the South Coast Track are a smaller scale (1:100,000) and there is less detail in the track notes as that book is designed for more experienced walkers.

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