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This map of Tel Aviv / Jaffa & Central Israel by ITMB is double sided @ 1:12,000 & 1:220,000 it combines the newish city of Tel Aviv with its older and more exotic neighbour, Jaffa, which is currently dominated by those of a non-Jewish orientation on one side.  Jaffa is the ancient port used by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, and traders plying the Silk Road to China.  Its old town is quite compact and a treat to explore.  Tel Aviv is a cultured Mediterranean city with gorgeous beaches, modern buildings, and a feeling of prosperity.  The other side has a detailed map of the central portion of Israel, from Haifa to Beersheba to the Dead Sea, so includes the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as well as Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee, and most sites of a religious nature, so satisfies pilgrims as well as the explorer. 

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