Eastern Europe Freytag & Berndt


This map of Eastern Europe by Freytag & Berndt @ 1:2,000,000 offers the best way to plan your trip, prepare your itinerary and to travel independently in these countries.

This map covers: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, as well as the area of Istanbul, the western coast of Caucasus, Western Russia (areas of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Vorone┼ż) and the eastern part of Poland.

The legend is in English, German, Hungarian, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, Czech, and Slovak. Inset maps of Athens, Belgrade, Budapest, Bucharest, Kiev, Minsk, Moscow, Riga, Sofia, Tallinn, Vilnius, and Warsaw. Touristic information: manor-houses, castles, monasteries, ruins, airports, nature reserves.

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